By relying on its experiences in multi-industry integration & operations, BOE PARK is committed to the integration of eco-chain resources, provision of Total Solution services, and delivery of six core competencies, i.e. Investment, Positioning, Planning, ACP, Marketing and Assets management. Through the integrated service platform, BOE PARK can continuously create values for partners by means of the "One-stop Total Solution ".
Thanks to years of top international strategic partners and valuable experiences of China 's first health park operator, BOE PARK has developed its "6S Brand Driving Force" that combines with both international vision and local insights, for the purposes of accumulating practical Smart and jointly creating development values.

依托多业态整合运营经验,BOE PARK整合生态链资源,提供Total Solution整体解决方案服务,输出六大核心能力:投资引进、策划定位、规划设计、项目代建、市场营销、资产管理。通过综合服务平台,BOE PARK将以“一站式解决智慧”,为合作伙伴不断创造价值。
得益于多年来所累积的国际顶尖战略伙伴,以及中国首批健康园区运营商的宝贵经验,BOE PARK 淬炼出兼具国际视野与本土洞察的“6S品牌驱动力”,凝聚实践智慧,共创发展价值。

In BOE PARK, the specialized investment & financing service team adheres to the value idea of "Integrity & trustworthy quality" and remains committed to providing specialized and perfect financing, investment, post-investment management, funds withdrawal and risk control services, seeking investment partners and exploiting investment opportunities for customers and achieving the optimal return on investment.


In BOE PARK, the positioning service team is highly specialized in the research & analysis of early-stage market data, project planning consultation, project orientation, development proposals and other fields and provide comprehensive and thorough advisory services.


BOE PARK can provide recommendations for project site selection, concept planning, overall project planning and consultancy services, including planning scheme design, planning management, construction drawing management and provide various customers with full supports in terms of cost control, progress control and outcome control.